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EASI Social Media Series
Presented by Dennis Lembrée
February 1, 2010


What's Twitter?

Free social networking and micro-blogging service that enables its users to send and read text-based messages of up to 140 characters. Learn more on Wikipedia.

[Image: screen shot of Twitter home page]

Issues with

From the start, there are accessibility issues. Can you find 3 items on the main Twitter "Sign in" page that could use improvement?

[Image: screen shot of sign in page]

Issues with

Issues with

Many web accessibility issues including:

Keyboard Access

Keyboard cannot access Favorite, Reply, and Delete links.

[Image: A typical page with a red circle and question mark in the area where a keyboard cannot access Favorite, Reply, and Delete links.]

Use of Headings

Poor use of headings

[Image: heading outline of page]

JavaScript requires JavaScript. Without it, the user is unable to:

[Image: A typical page with a red circle around the lists and actions buttons which do not function without JavaScript.]

Other issues with

[Image: A page that is very difficult to read. Text is bright green over white, bright green over purple, and dark purple over purple. Colour Contrast Analyser shows 85 failures.]

Accessible Applications

[Image: Accessible Twitter logo]

[Image: The Accessible Twitter main page, the "Tweet Roll" page.]

Keyboard Access

ALL links are keyboard accessible.

Use of Headings

[Image: heading outline of Accessible Twitter page]


Accessible Twitter is fully functional without JavaScript.


Accessible Twitter uses JavaScript to enhance behavior.

Other issues with Fixes

[Image: Colour Contrast Analyser shows 0 failures for Accessible Twitter page.]

More Features

Quotes from Users

Future Enhancements

Always evolving. Many enhancements and features are planned including:

Other Benefits of Web Accessibility & Web Standards

Guidelines for Accessible Tweets

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