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March 17, 2011. Presented at the CSUN Tweetup.

Slide 1: What am I?

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Continuous application updates.

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App Updates:

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App Updates:

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App Updates:

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App Updates:

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App Updates:

Slide 8: Now the fun stuff.

Picture of kitten laying upside down.

Slide 9

Picture of six cats on a roller coaster.

Slide 10

Presented session "Twitter and Web Accessibility" at the Easter Seals Crossroads INDATA Conference.

Slide 11

@Alyssa_Milano tweets me! 

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Nominee in "Best API Use" category in the 2010 .net Magazine's Best of the Web awards.

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Happy Halloween!

Funny picture of Accessible Twitter logo with fangs and horns painted on in red.

Slide 14

Session proposal accepted at ATIA 2011 Orlando (January), but couldn't make it.

Apparently I was listed in the program by mistake and disappointed a few folks!

Maybe next year...

Slide 15

Added to share options on WebAIM's URL shortening service.

In addition to Twitter, Facebook, FriendFeed.

Slide 16

Recipient of the American Foundation for the Blind (AFB) 2011 Access Award.

Slide 17: Future

Slide 18: Future

Slide 19: Thank you!

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