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Web App "Accessible Twitter" Changes Name to "Easy Chirp"

The web-accessible application empowers users with disabilities and low-end technology to access Twitter, the popular social micro-blogging web service.

Cupertino, CA (June 1, 2011) – Accessible Twitter, the esteemed web application that empowers users with disabilities and low-end technology to access Twitter, will now go by the name Easy Chirp (www.easychirp.com).

The name change is due to several reasons, the foremost is that the Twitter rules of use for third-party applications does not allow the word "Twitter" in the name of the application. Also, the word "easy" is simpler to understand than "accessible", especially to those not in the accessibility or disability communities. And, the new name is considerably shorter, especially important with the 140-character limit in Twitter statuses, better known as tweets.

Mr. Dennis E. Lembree, owner of the web development company WebOverhauls.com, is the creator of Easy Chirp, and is dedicated to expanding the accessibility of the web.

"Accessibility is finally becoming much more mainstream, as it needs to be. I think the name change reflects this, and helps expose the web app to a wider base of users."
-Dennis Lembree of WebOverhauls

The website logo and design remain consistent after the name change. The old domain name AccessibleTwitter.com will continue to be functional.

In addition to reading and posting tweets in Easy Chirp, features include direct messaging, URL-shortening, running and saving searches, viewing popular links, and providing full support for lists.

Mr. Jennison Asuncion works in the IT Accessibility space in Canada, and is himself a screen reader user. He chooses Easy Chirp for his Twitter application. "I'm an active Twitter user who prefers an accessible web-based client. Easy Chirp fits the bill perfectly!"

Easy Chirp/Accessible Twitter has been mentioned in numerous articles and books, and received the American Foundation for the Blind 2011 Access Award.

For more about Easy Chirp, visit: http://www.easychirp.com.


About Web Overhauls

Web Overhauls is a web development company specializing in web standards, usability, and accessibility. Web Overhauls develops websites for small to medium-sized businesses with a focus on improving existing websites for a better user experience. The company is a member of GAWDS and Refresh Detroit. Mr. Dennis E. Lembree, the President of Web Overhauls, is an established expert in the field; he is an author and speaker, the creator of Easy Chirp, and the author of Web Axe, a podcast and blog about web accessibility.

For more information, visit http://www.weboverhauls.com or email: weboverhauls [AT] gmail dot com.

About Easy Chirp

Disabled users typically have significant problems accessing many websites and web services, including Twitter. Easy Chirp greatly helps the issue through many development techniques including: ensuring that all links are keyboard accessible; providing consistent navigation and page structure; providing proper headings. Easy Chirp works with or without JavaScript and is compatible with all major Internet browsers, including the outdated Internet Explorer 6. Easy Chirp is used by those with and without disabilities.

For more information, visit http://www.easychirp.com or email: info [AT] easychirp dot com.